Posted by: ohiosounds | October 24, 2007


This is a side from the second and final release from The Triumphs. Circa 1969. Not much info on the band here. Their first release was recorded in Chicago at CHESS and got some regional play.

The Triumphs-People Try My Mind



  1. Just a bit of trivia: My late Uncle Roger Miller played bass for this group. I recall him showing me his bass and playing it at my Grandmother's house in Geneva. His other passion was car racing. He had a bunch of trophies. I remember playing with them when I was a little kid. I wasn't supposed to touch them, but of course I did when no one was looking. I know for sure he is on their 1st 45 (which I do have a copy of), but I don't own this one, and I'm not sure if he played on it. I think he may have left the group before this one was recorded. Also, I guess I followed in his footsteps somewhat, by playing in many '80's Cleveland bands – Offbeats, Starvation Army, Agitated and others. Anyway, many thanks for posting this record!!! I love your blog!!!

  2. Thanks Tom for stopping by!!

  3. Thanks Sara for the info and the great record you dad was a part of.

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