Posted by: ohiosounds | December 17, 2007


From the early ’60s comes this mooover by Bocky & The Visions. Check out an interesting (read sad) story HERE

Bocky & The Visions-Spirit of ’64



  1. To read the complete story of Bocky's unsolved murder see the link on the home page of It's a good story.

  2. I saw Bocky & the Visions open for Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas in 1964 at the Euclid Beach Ballroom. They came out singing Spirit of '64 and waving small American flags and put on a hell of a show: finished with Bocky rolling on the floor singing Shout. Billy J Kramer didn't stand a chance, but the females in the audience were there to see the Brits and threw compacts at Bocky, scoring a few direct hits on the Visions. The Grasshoppers "Mod Sock" and the Motions were also on the bill.

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